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XBox 360 Core Console

Price: $ 84.95
Availability: Sold Out
Condition: Used
Platform: XBox 360

THIS XBOX 360 CONSOLE DOES NOT FUNCTION PERFECTLY. PLEASE READ: The first problem occurs when you enter a disc into the system. When you close the door to the system it re-opens. You have to play this game for 3 or 4 tries, and then the disc will stay inside the system. It has never completely refused to accept a disc. The second problem is that the system will not play a few certain games. By not play, I mean that the games will freeze shortly after gameplay begins. I've played about 60 total XBox 360 games on this system and the only ones I've found this problem with are Madden NFL 09, Assassin's Creed, and Perfect Dark Zero. 95% of games work with no problems.

Here is what is included with the system: XBox 360 Core Console (no hard drive), Component HD AV Cable, power cable, ethernet cable, and manuals. Nothing else is included, no power brick, no controller, no headset.